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In a recent event, executives from leading companies, startup gurus, and university participants validated ideas and learned new ways for addressing disruption while giving strategic direction and learning from insights in our Co-Innovation Labs. See what you missed in this short remix video:
If you would like to experience a corporate executive event, we welcome requests from executives from mid- to large-sized corporations to attend a session to learn more.  Request an invitation to attend a half-day session, 1:00-5:00, on March 14, 2018 at the Fluno Center in Madison, WI as a guest. There is no cost or obligation to join for approved participants.

Corporate Innovation Executives

Build strategic alignment and more informed decision-making with next generation exec education

Executives learn from real-time disruption research and outcome-driven interactions with peers from top companies, university talent, and startup gurus. Our Corporate Executive Membership is targeted to needs for the C-suite from mid- to large- corporations to validate ideas and gain a toolkit for leading in disruptive times. In our member-only quarterly events and immersive summits, curated groups of innovators and executives from top corporations come together to capitalize on the most disruptive technologies and trends.

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Test and learn in real-world environments for rapid hands-on learning and problem-solving

We believe disruption is best addressed with the combustion of business insights, startups and universities.  We curate the right team to rapidly advance around key questions and challenges. These industry-led Co-Innovation Labs provide experiential learning while solving real-world business problems. Teams and individuals from leading companies provide problems to solve and startups and university talent rapidly identify solutions and potentially provide proofs of concepts. Our unique methodology is designed to pivot quickly to disruptive challenges as they emerge.

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Ensure success with sustainable processes and programs customized to your needs

Our Corporate Innovation Programs are customized, company-directed engagements. These are essential initiatives for ensuring success with a multi-faceted toolset and systematic method for running assessments, identifying needs to re-skill to bring people along with the speed of change,  building the internal muscle in the enterprise, and providing success metrics. The end result is a scalable, repeatable methodology for sustaining innovation in the enterprise while recruiting and retaining top talent.

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New models for strategic insights. Unique methods for problem-solving with startups and university talent. Scalable programs to ensure success.

“The connections have been tremendous in collaborating with other corporates from very different industries. There are unique opportunities for learning that I can’t get elsewhere.”
Dan Kaiser, SVP, Innovation and Development,
CUNA Mutual Group

"We were able to  uncover new opportunities, vet our roadmap, and identify metrics for success to create breakthrough value."
Mike Zhang, VP Global Innovation at Lands’ End

“We were able to develop and validate key concepts for a second generation product in six weeks with a nimble, diverse and talented team.”
Michael Grall, CEO, AfibAlert


Get to MVP faster

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Located in the heart of downtown Madison and adjacent to a world-class university, in a disruptive tech hub of co-working spaces, incubators, and startups, Hyper Innovation is a digital transformation hub for accelerating and creating more value out of corporate innovation for mid- to large-sized organizations.

Disruptive times require a new set of tools for future-proofing individuals and companies to stay relevant. We offer next generation executive education, frameworks for problem solving with startups and university talent and scalable, measurable programs to ensure sustained success.