Hyper Innovation Madison Wisconsin

About Hyper Innovation

Disruptive times require a new set of tools for future-proofing individuals and companies to stay relevant. We create a unique intersection between executive education and strategic challenges with activation through Co-Innovation Lab programs.

We believe the survivability of organizations necessitates a new model for solving C-suite, real-world problems while providing opportunities for growth through startup engagement, deeply engaging new talent, and learning for internal teams.

Flexible Expertise and Agile Teams

We have an expansive bench of top university talent, Silicon Valley veterans, seasoned strategists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and creative thinkers with extensive track records. 

Contact us to sign up for a Learning Event, join as a  Corporate Co-Innovation Lab Partner, or define a customized program.

Sandra Bradley


Jeff Glazer

Director, Disruptive Tech Lab

Kay Plantes


Matt Louison

VP, Corporate Innovation

Doug Barton

Advisor, Sports Tech

Brian Wiegand


Tom Mack

VP, Financial Strategy and Investments

Adam Bock

Academic Advisor

Brad Chandler


Andrew Burroughs


Moses Ma


Our Partners

We partner regularly with several firms that expand our reach and allow us to customize approaches in the most strategic way:

Silicon Valley veterans and Agile Innovation experts.

Leaders in data science, AI, and prescriptive analytics.

UX design and development.

Legal firm Husch Blackwell's innovation arm.