Innovative Corporate Programs and Accelerated Learning

"We were able to  uncover new opportunities, vet our roadmap, and identify metrics for success to create breakthrough value."
Mike Zhang, VP Global Innovation at Lands’ End

The success of digital transformation relies on executive awareness of disruptive threats and buy in, opportunities and empowerment for rapid learning in the org, and processes for sustaining initiatives and ensuring success.

We offer a suite of resources and tools designed to address critical needs to digitally transform the enterprise with strategic facilitation, targeted problem solving and hands-on learning while delivering tangible outcomes, and platforms and metrics for ensuring success.

This is not traditional consulting. We believe in learning while solving real business problems at the top and bottom of the enterprise and have a unique methodology for leveraging collaboration and experiential learning to future-proof individuals and organizations.

We flex to adapt to what is needed to solve the innovation problem at hand and we move fast. We curate the right resources which can be startup gurus, well known thought leaders, executives with extensive track records, consultants with diverse perspectives, and others. All with proven track records.

Some examples of things you can do with us include:

  • Immerse a team in an environment of creative, innovative, outside thinkers who bring fresh ideas, context and skills
  • Explore out-of-the-box ideas while developing talent and training your teams in a Co-Innovation Lab
  • Provide a unique, multi-faceted toolkit to advance and sustain innovation
  • Assign mentors and coaches in unique learning modes to create custom learning while achieving company goals
  • Provide an offsite "third-space" for teams and individuals for focused work outside of your four walls
  • Assemble and run crowd-sourced ideation or co-creation sessions with populations you select
  • Execute assessments, develop a plan, metrics for success, and identify how to ensure success of innovation initiatives
  • Develop a complete innovation road map and delivering the people, tools, and resources needed to execute on it or training internal resources to run it.
  • Facilitate interactive brainstorming sessions, executive briefings from faculty and experts in the field,  one-to-one coaching opportunities for executives and team training
  • Construct high-impact, get-things-done activities in the form of workshops, boot camps, jam sessions, and hackathons. These events can be held at creative offsite locations or can be run onsite as high impact, targeted team activities.

Contact us to learn more about Executive Membership, bring an idea to one of our Co-Innovation Labs, or define a customized program.