Innovation Leaders Unite in Next Generation Events and Summits

In our member-only quarterly events and immersive summits, curated groups of innovators and executives from top corporations come together to capitalize on the most disruptive technologies and trends. Member companies gain exposure not only to game-changing startups but other innovative corporations, and potentially can develop tactical tool kits for partnering with them.

  • Learn what’s next for your industry and how other corporations are addressing issues
  • Distill the innovation hype and “noise”
  • Fuel cross-industry learning
  • Build a continuous pipeline of innovation ideas and validate with peers
  • Identify needed skillsets and develop a talent strategy to match the speed of disruption
  • Disruption Research
    As a corporate member, you will receive four disruption briefs throughout the year detailing key disruption themes and noteworthy startups in that space. In addition, twice a year you will be invited to a Webinar Spotlight where we will expand on the content in the briefs and be able to answer any questions regarding startups and trends.

A Membership That Future-proofs Your Organization and Fuels Next Generation Innovation

  • Curated groups of C-suite executives from top corporations university talent, and startup gurus come together to capitalize on the most disruptive technologies and trends
  • Take part in deep dive convesations in a purposefully small group setting for deep, meaningful interactions
  • Insights from Co-Innovation Labs and next-generation learning events for distilling the hype and staying on the front edge of highly disruptive spaces
  • Benefit from cross-pollination with peers across industries
  • Multiple members from the same company benefit by creating a shared language and strategic alignment across the enterprise

Disruption Topics for 2018*: 

Blockchain | AI | IoT | AR/VR and other Disruptive Technologies

Future of Transportation and Mobility

Resilient Leadership for the 21st Century

Co-Labs: Methods for Problem-solving and Creating Value with Startups and Universities

*We run a co-creation session each year to gather input for topics and labs each year.  These topics can change based on member direction.

A Membership That Future-proofs Your Organization and Fuels Next Generation Innovation

Two Immersive Summits
Four Disruption Briefs
Four Half-day Executive Peer Work Sessions
Two Webinar Spotlights
Three Member-Only and VIP Networking Events
Discounts on Special Events and Learning Programs Throughout the Year

Next Generation Executive Education

“The connections have been tremendous in collaborating with other companies from very different industries. There are unique opportunities for learning that I can’t get elsewhere.”
Dan Kaiser, SVP, Innovation and Development,
CUNA Mutual Group

“We appreciate the openness and opportunities for cross-industry learning, it’s a design thinking network."
Mike Zhang, VP Global Innovation at Lands’ End

Experience Next Generation Executive Programs

In a recent event, executives from leading companies, startup gurus, and university participants validated ideas and learned new ways for addressing disruption while giving strategic direction and learning from insights in our Co-Innovation Labs. See what you missed in this short remix video:
If you would like to experience a corporate executive event, we welcome requests from executives from mid- to large-sized corporations to attend a session to learn more.  Request an invitation to attend a half-day session, 1:00-5:00, on March 14, 2018 at the Fluno Center in Madison, WI as a guest. There is no cost or obligation to join for approved participants.

Next Steps

Contact us to learn more about Executive Membership, bring an idea to one of our Co-Innovation Labs, or define a customized program.