Co-Innovation Lab Partnerships

Our Co-Innovation Lab Partnerships offer options for interaction and visibility in the innovation community in the form of hackathons, jam sessions, and forums, participation in executive learning events, and participation in design sprints, rapid development, and projects.

We have a proven process for identifying challenges and surfacing new opportunities with executives in cross-industry events and applying those insights to rapid development in a Lab program.

Executive Insights and Benchmarking in Cross-Industry Events

In our member-only quarterly events and immersive summits, curated groups of innovators and executives from top corporations come together to capitalize on the most disruptive technologies and trends. Member companies gain exposure not only to game-changing startups but other innovative corporations, and potentially can develop tactical tool kits for partnering with them.

  • Learn what’s next for your industry and how other corporations are addressing issues
  • Distill the innovation hype and “noise”
  • Fuel cross-industry learning
  • Build a continuous pipeline of innovation ideas and validate with peers
  • Identify needed skillsets and develop a talent strategy to match the speed of disruption
  • Disruption Research
    As a corporate member, you will receive four disruption briefs throughout the year detailing key disruption themes and noteworthy startups in that space. In addition, twice a year you will be invited to a Webinar Spotlight where we will expand on the content in the briefs and be able to answer any questions regarding startups and trends.

Co-Innovation Labs: Rapidly Test and Learn in Living Labs

“We were able to develop and validate key concepts for a second generation product in six weeks with a nimble, diverse and talented team.”
Michael Grall, CEO, AfibAlert

Co-Innovation Labs are innovative ways for corporations to address disruption geared toward more rapid, active learning through unique frameworks while working on real world business problems. We call these an essential tool for future-proofing both companies and individuals.

We run these as company-specific projects or collaborative efforts to take advantage of cross-pollinated thinking and to execute potential partnership toolkits in highly charged spaces.

Our framework is designed to be a scalable, repeatable model for addressing disruption that can be spun up or down depending upon need, technological advancement, or unexpected competitive threat.

Outcomes can be diverse: re-skilling and building internal muscle in technical teams with experiential learning in rapidly changing disruptive tech areas,  advancing a new idea or product, exploring new business models, establishing new partnerships, developing collaborative use cases, developing frameworks for more effective startup-corporate collaboration, and co-developing decision briefs are examples.

We are running three Labs in 2018, each with their own focus and outcomes:

HyperX Madison Lab

Bring your business challenge or idea to a "third-space" for insights, rapid advancement, and unique engagement with university and startup talent

The HyperX Lab is designed for companies to work closely with a vetted, highly qualified multi-disciplinary university team or startup around specific challenges, to explore a new business model, ideate a new product or service, or develop proofs of concept or MVP.

This is a unique program in that it is purposefully independently run to provide a neutral territory for a free-flow of ideas and outcomes, it brings comp sci, engineering, business, physics, communications, art / design and other skills together in highly skilled teams, and provides facilitation, proven frameworks, and high-level mentors to ensure tangible, relevant outcomes.

Teams are carefully curated to ensure highly relevant skillsets and frameworks, facilitation, and mentors are provided to provide high value outcomes. Themes for 2018 revolve around Blockchain, AI, IoT, AR/VR, and other disruptive technologies.

Learn more about how university talent and startups engage with our Co-Innovation Labs at

Learn more and request an invitation to participate in the HyperX Madison Lab.

Disruptive Tech Lab

Our Disruptive Tech Labs are  designed for faster learning, distilling the noise, and providing experiential learning to more effectively re-skill teams in rapidly changing spaces. Our Spring 2018 focus is on Blockchain but our methodology and programs are designed to pivot quickly around AI, IoT, AR / VR, and other disruptive technologies.

Our Learning Lab programs include bootcamps for hands-on learning, open hackathons, Flipped Classroom events, mentor/reverse-mentor opportunities in our Disruptive Tech Sandbox, structured startup interactions, and potentially new or collaborative use cases.

Request an Invitation to Participate in the Disruptive Tech Lab

Future of Home-Healthcare Integration Lab

Collaboration and experiential learning programs with opportunities for cross-industry problem solving, corporate-startup collaboration, and rapid go-to-market strategies.

The U.S. healthcare system, with its brick and mortar, provider-centric business model where doctors dispense face-to-face care during scheduled appointments, is ripe for digital disruption. Although many factors have insulated health care for years, change is coming.

Platforms, networks, machine learning and artificial intelligence have enormous potential to solve problems that have plagued the industry for decades, according to Barry Libert, CEO of OpenMatters and a senior fellow at Wharton’s SEI Center for Advanced Studies in Management. Leveraging technology to create safer environments with immediate care offers great opportunities for enhancing quality of care while reducing insurer costs.

Our Home-Healthcare Integration Lab programs focus on collaboration and uncovering new opportunities with cross-industry work groups, focused corporate-startup initiatives, and facilitation for taking ideas to action.